Whisky with Food, # 1 Glenmorangie Original & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Yes, you read it correctly.  It’s  a total winner and we challenge you to say otherwise!  The rich, sweet, buttery nature of the Sticky Toffee Pudding (STP) and its accompanying toffee sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream is hugged by the  embrace of that dear old friend, Glenmorangie Original  with its fruity palate and caramelContinue reading “Whisky with Food, # 1 Glenmorangie Original & Sticky Toffee Pudding”

Blogging the Bloggers- Would you like their jobs!

So, here I am again,  an amateur at work.  Trying to get into the groove again of writing a weekly blog on ‘La Rectoria’ and its related ongoings. This week we made preparations for and hosted a group of 5 travel bloggers and ones that might be described as professionals at their craft – 2Continue reading “Blogging the Bloggers- Would you like their jobs!”

Muckle Flugga…..ever heard of it?

It’s an island…..well a big rock and for those of you that enjoy a dram, the whisky with the most northerly provenance in the world. Browsing the shelves of our favourite whisky store in Barcelona just prior to Christmas, the name Muckle (Scots for big or large) and Flugga, caught me first. Looking at theContinue reading “Muckle Flugga…..ever heard of it?”

Twenty Catalans, Two Scots and a Haggis

And so it was last Saturday night we sat down to celebrate ‘Burns Night’.  A first in a number of ways.  The first I had ever prepared in total and hosted.  The first in Carretera de Canoves, Cardedeu, and certainly the first that our Catalan friends and neighbours had attended. A grand party was highlyContinue reading “Twenty Catalans, Two Scots and a Haggis”