So, I came home with our biggest fish yet yesterday. A 5 point something kilo Bonito and what a beauty.  Designed like a sports car, glistening steely greys and blues.  Muscular and silky with fins like razors.  This fella is currently served up as a starter  –  ‘Bonito Niçoise’ with all the usual accompaniments; gem lettuce, soft boiled egg, french beans, tomato, anchovies and olives.  Once the fish is filleted it is cut into 100g portions and when it comes to the cooking I poach the burgundy red chunks of flesh in salted simmering water (toss in a bay leaf for good measure) for 4 minutes before slicing them in two to show the lush contrast of the still tender red interior before mounting them on top of the salad.  A good glass of white wine and you’re done.