Whisky with Food, # 1 Glenmorangie Original & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Yes, you read it correctly.  It’s  a total winner and we challenge you to say otherwise!  The rich, sweet, buttery nature of the Sticky Toffee Pudding (STP) and its accompanying toffee sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream is hugged by the  embrace of that dear old friend, Glenmorangie Original  with its fruity palate and caramelContinue reading “Whisky with Food, # 1 Glenmorangie Original & Sticky Toffee Pudding”

Packing up

Exciting, anxious, stressful times?  If the adrenalin isn’t coursing through the veins every now and then something must be amiss.  It makes the senses more acute, awakening that primeval fight or flight condition.  An adrenalin rush isn’t exactly what I need at the moment, as having somewhat carelessly broken a bone in ‘me foot’ I’mContinue reading “Packing up”


Spring has sprung in a spluttering kind of fashion this year.  Bright, sunny and warm one day.  Wet, overcast and blustery the next.  Yesterday exemplified that.  We started our day under grey damp skies with a brief visit to the ‘Temps De Flors’ festival in Girona – the annual splatter of colour that adorns patios,Continue reading “‘Uff’”

Seafood and sofas

Clichésville here we come….well, the circle has almost been squared and with each week that passes the finish line would appear to be just around the next corner.   No, we are not about to announce a concrete opening date, but the changes that are taking place each week are palpable. Most recently, holes have beenContinue reading “Seafood and sofas”

Shades of white

‘There aren’t enough hours in the day’ …..bollocks!   If there were more I can only surmise that I’d be awake for longer and therefore get proportionally less sleep.   As things are right now when we are not working our ‘spare time’ is taken up by La Rectoria.   And now our antennae are more acutely tunedContinue reading “Shades of white”

A lesson in customer care

Our ‘normal’ Saturday routine….of driving up to the house, pottering around and casting an eye over the previous week’s work was ignored today.  Instead Goretti and I hired a transit van and headed for Barcelona to pick up a guest house quantity of bedding….duvets, pillows, sheets and other bedding paraphernalia.    Again the ‘homework’ had beenContinue reading “A lesson in customer care”

Pig’s Trotters. Divine!!

Work continues at a healthy pace inside the house.  On the top floor the construction of the divisions has been completed in all five bedrooms and bathrooms, so now you can see the size of each making visualizing the ultimately finished rooms that much easier.  Thus it was yesterday we spent a couple hours withContinue reading “Pig’s Trotters. Divine!!”

La Aplec de Sant Miquel de Pineda 2010

Last week we awoke to a beautifully sunny Sunday October morning.  The sun kissed the fields and woods surrounding Cardedeu as I enjoyed a wee run around the town.  Goretti’s Mum joined us for a cup of coffee followed shortly after by Mar, Scottish John and wee Martin and then it was on the roadContinue reading “La Aplec de Sant Miquel de Pineda 2010”

‘Roof, doorways and some pointing – soufflés and sabayons’

As sure as next week brings the autumn equinox there has been a marked change in the weather.  A week ago we enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning on the beach.  A gentle swell of the surf barely creating waves as it met the beach, water warmed by the summer’s sun and comfortable temperatures for sittingContinue reading “‘Roof, doorways and some pointing – soufflés and sabayons’”

‘Back to work’

On the building site and in the classroom it was back to work this week.  Hods and grammar books in hand, the summer was over and work commenced.  The workforce on site has been doubled – from two to four – and the difference is self evident in what has been achieved this week alone. Continue reading “‘Back to work’”

‘In Absentia dos – almonds, lemons and figs’

Given that all of our team – architects, aparelledor, paleta – are or have been on holiday and with an invitation to spend time with old and dear friends on the  Côte d’Azur it was bit of a no brainer not to pass it off.   So two days after my sister left we packed upContinue reading “‘In Absentia dos – almonds, lemons and figs’”

‘In Absentia’

Of late we have turned our backs on La Rectoria and have for some of that time been home.  By home I mean the land of my birth, my spiritual home, Scotland. ……’you can take the man out of Scotland but you can’t take Scotland out of the man’ kind of thing.  Nationalism, that feelingContinue reading “‘In Absentia’”

‘Dipping ceiling tiles – fun for all the family’

So here we go again.  This isn’t a reference to the blog but to our second camping expedition to La Rectoria in the space of one month.   Camping doesn’t cause me any problems, relative peace and quiet, no TV, your day dictated by the number of daylight hours etc.  No, it’s trying to remember everythingContinue reading “‘Dipping ceiling tiles – fun for all the family’”

‘That end of term feeling’

The schools in Catalunya broke up for the summer holidays five weeks ago and since then many of the kids have been occupied in Cases de Colonies (summer camps) of one form or another.  Our five year old son spent three weeks attending what could loosely be called a tennis camp…..swimming, tennis, gymkhana, water fight,Continue reading “‘That end of term feeling’”

`The Seasons and our food’

Not so many years ago when I was a boy growing up in Scotland I remember you could distinguish the passing of the seasons by the nuances as they were dictated by Mother Nature.  My memory tells me we had more snow then and perhaps colder winters.  ‘Jack frost’ used to etch pictures on ourContinue reading “`The Seasons and our food’”

‘La Revetlla i Sant Joan’

Before this week’s blurb, two brief apologises.  First, for not posting a blog last weekend; over hectic schedule with the family which was great.  Second, keep the blog focused.  Well, the occasional emotionally skewed rant a la football etc. should be excused. Summer is here and it’s official.  In Catalunya it is trumpeted in byContinue reading “‘La Revetlla i Sant Joan’”

‘Horseradish and heat’

Who better to draw on today for a suitable metaphor than Noel Coward and his ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’.  For so it was today.  Better prepared for hot beating sun –  30°c in the shade – armed with strimmer, visor, wide brimmed peasant style fedora, factor 50 cream, bottles of iced water I set to likeContinue reading “‘Horseradish and heat’”

‘From ‘Toad in the Hole’ to Dennis Hopper’.

Is writing a blog good for your health?   A demonstration that most of us do not know how to, or should not be allowed to write for public consumption?  Some collective therapeutic self cleansing exercise? Or, simply a desire to be heard? As we the 7,000,000,001 members of humanity currently bumble about our daily tasksContinue reading “‘From ‘Toad in the Hole’ to Dennis Hopper’.”

School desks

School day memories have come back over the last few days.  Tucked away in the corner of what is our store room in Cardedeu is an old wooden desk of the type we had at Lathallan all of 40 years ago.  At the front is the wooden furrow where pens and pencils rested and sittingContinue reading “School desks”

‘Concrete and steel’

On Friday I was meant to go into Barcelona first thing to meet up with a colleague, but leadened skies and heavy rain put paid to that.  Goretti had an appointment with a serraller (blacksmith) and  Albert our aparellador (surveyor) at La Rectoria to discuss the ‘finishes’ to the periphery  of the windows, arches and doors.Continue reading “‘Concrete and steel’”