Our ‘normal’ Saturday routine….of driving up to the house, pottering around and casting an eye over the previous week’s work was ignored today.  Instead Goretti and I hired a transit van and headed for Barcelona to pick up a guest house quantity of bedding….duvets, pillows, sheets and other bedding paraphernalia.    Again the ‘homework’ had been carried out beforehand – comparing the prices, the quality and range of products of a number of retailers and dare I mention the service too.  Yes, that human element that is involved in any transaction; how to engage customer so that you indicate some intention to help them or at worst…piss them off.  Regarding the latter point, it is reassuring that good service can still be found and it does not cost a penny, cent or euro more.

I won’t hesitate to mention our retailer of choice in this instance; La Perla Gris.  A smile.  Can I help you?  Good product knowledge.  They might only sell domestic linen (also ladies undies next door!) but they are all ‘on the ball’ and compared to their much bigger national counterpart, shall we call them ‘The English Cut’, the contrast could not have been greater in terms of customer care.  I hope we will do the same for you.

Meanwhile up the road, the first window has been installed in the basement where our kitchen will be.  On the floor above, the service door has been opened and the metal curtain fitted.

On other seemingly mundane fronts we are making progress on our logo and on our website.  Thoughts are also turning to light fittings, dining furniture, beds and number of other things that might have slipped my mind for now.