Is writing a blog good for your health?   A demonstration that most of us do not know how to, or should not be allowed to write for public consumption?  Some collective therapeutic self cleansing exercise? Or, simply a desire to be heard?

As we the 7,000,000,001 members of humanity currently bumble about our daily tasks I do firmly believe that the best is behind us as a race.   And if someone/thing does come to mother earth, blogs might cast some light on the plight of us mere mortals who otherwise would be forgotten below the hubristic cacophony of our ineffectual leaders.

As I was saying!  It has been very busy week at the rectory.   Professional kitchen suppliers have come and gone to discuss the in and outs, whys and wherefores of extraction systems, salamanders, fridges and freezers, hand washing, food washing and dish washing sinks and more.  The carpenter to discuss windows and doors, dining table.  A ‘team’ have been on site sandblasting wooden beams with a silicon based powder and gear last seen on the set of ‘Ghost busters’….bulging steel bottles and lengths of rubber tubing, masks and visors.

And whilst all of this was going on a handsome, plump toad was found quite literally holed up in a corner of Silvestre’s bedroom.  Sadly, I did not witness this dear creature’s presence and all I know is that he was released unharmed.   More beautiful than any Gucci bag and certainly with greater poise than the weekly exhibitionists featured in ‘Hello’, this guy at least has style and purpose.

So what?  I hear you say.  Well, ask that question of the Madagascan Alaotra Grebe confirmed extinct this week and news that Polar Bears are nearing a ‘tipping point’ – meaning that their fragile survival is rapidly reaching a point of decline that is irreversible.   So our grandchildren will grow up with one less species of bird and probably Polar Bears confined to zoos at best.

And from one hopper to another…..I guess they broke the mould when Dennis Hopper came around.  ‘My, my, hey, hey…’s better to burn out than it is to fade away’ Amen.