‘Isolation’ – the action of isolating; the fact or condition of being isolated; separation from other things or persons; solitariness….

Of the above definitions I guess the second and third could be attributed to our location and thus we must thank the Sunday Times newspaper for bestowing that title on us in its ‘Spain and Portugal Special’ last month



But hey, like many things our isolation is kind of relative.  What about poor old Robinson Crusoe, Tom Hanks in Castaway or Jack Nicholson as the main protagonist in The Shining, heaven forbid.

For those of you who have yet to locate us  our GPS coordinates are: 42.101825 , 2.493628.  Only 1.5 hours from Barcelona and 40 minutes from Girona or a 4o walk from the village; just ask those that stroll up here on their daily constitutional.   And to really put our situation in context we can do a roll call of where some of our customers have come from……….The Shetland Isles, Perth (Australia), The Urals. Isolated!

So, if you want some peace and quiet, a stroll in the countryside or a day’s cycling along country roads we can give you that and a comfortable place to crash in the evening.

Feb 2015 009

And cabin fever is not a problem……………YET!