TripAdvisor – an American travel website providing reviews of travel-related content………………TripAdvisor was an early adopter of user-adopted content. (Wikipedia).

So, you might well ask what’s with the definition.  Well, firstly with regards to TripAdvisor like many things in life there is often cynicism and ‘snobbery’ for want of a word attached to the validity of this site and others like it, mainly obviously from ‘customers’. And  by those I mean the people who go to hotels, restaurants, attractions etc. and not those listed on the site itself.  Well, a simple repost to those critics might be; where do you go for your information on finding a hotel, B&B, or restaurant…. a newspaper review, travel guide (many of which have paid for content) or the word of a friend?  And how do you judge which is the best and most reliable source?  We’re all victims of our own or someone else’s subjectivity.  However, whatever you might think about the content of TripAdvisor, the reviews are the thoughts of people who have paid for and used the service in question.

I can hear the howls of derision already…..Oh, your friends or family wrote the reviews.   Well in our case I only wish that we had so many contacts in so many far flung places!  I try to put myself in the position of the customer.  For what we are asking them to pay, what would you expect to receive in return? In terms of household purchases the annual holiday is one of the largest single purchases a family might make in the year, and having worked 48 or so weeks in the year for their 3 or 4 weeks holiday I think as host I have a duty to give them something in return…..comfortable accommodation, a good meal and a dram maybe.  But what about those intangibles…..a warm welcome, a smile, some help and advice,,,,,,some service.  So if in return for this symbiotic relationship we as hosts receive a few complementary comments and reviews from happy customers,  thank you for as well as our customers helping our business to be a viable concern, those reviews help ease the pain on tired legs and heavy eyes on those long summer working days.

In addition and in our defence and that of what must be a multitude of small family businesses like ours ‘tools’ such as TripAdvisor help give us global reach and we count it as invaluable marketing tool.  For from the somewhat isolated mountainous valley in which we live and work, it is a modern miracle of the interconnected world which we occupy that we can both project our ‘offer’ to prospective customers and receive what have been such positive and appreciative reviews from those who have stayed with us.

So, on behalf of Goretti and myself we would like to thank all of you who voted us 25th Best B&B in Spain in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards 2015.