This wee ditty relates to one of the lovely things that has happened since we opened some two and a half years ago.  It all started with the arrival of a couple from Boston, Massachusetts in May of last year, by the name of Monique and Harwood.  As with many of our guests they were interested in our story relating to La Rectoria.  We greatly enjoyed their time with us, exchanging anecdotes and stories and then they were gone.  Since their brief stay 14 months ago friends and friends of friends of theirs have graced our door to take our hospitality and each with the same cordial New England charm.   Deborah and Hank last November, Anne and Stan in April of this year and finally Catherine and Myrion and family just this week.   And at this point serendipity plays a role as the day before the arrival of Catherine and Myrion, Jane and William arrive…..from Massachusetts to find that they have  mutual friends with Catherine and Myrion.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for beating a path to our door and we hope that we lived up to your expectations.  And please continue to give us your tired……

We will come to see you at some point in the not to distant future.


JUNE 2014 098


Some of our ‘Patriots’