It’s an island…..well a big rock and for those of you that enjoy a dram, the whisky with the most northerly provenance in the world. Browsing the shelves of our favourite whisky store in Barcelona just prior to Christmas, the name Muckle (Scots for big or large) and Flugga, caught me first. Looking at the label more closely it stated, ‘Overwintered in Shetland’…not your average winter get away; somewhat dark and windswept I guess and could possibly be twinned with a Russian Gulag.

The contents of the curvacious bottle contains a blend of six malt whiskies, initially aged in oak sherry casks and then moved to the island of Unst on Shetland near the Muckle Flugga lighthouse for 12 months where it is probably subjected to every type of biblical tempest you can imagine.

La Rectoria’s tasting notes – honey to the nose; inital taste is spices and pepper, thereafter citric, pineapple leading to dryness associated with tannins.

Rectoria Score 5.5 out of 10. One for a woolly jumper, a dreich day with some drizzle to the face. Cheers!

GENER 2014 027