Havin’ a Dram – Whisky and the art of relaxation

Take a warm, sultry summer’s evening.  All our guests have finished dinner and we offer the option of taking a digestive.  Last Saturday we gently cajoled one such guest into sampling Compass Box’s ‘The Peat Monster’….the result could have been summed up as unadulterated pleasure and satisfaction. A malt whisky that combines malts from Islay,Continue reading “Havin’ a Dram – Whisky and the art of relaxation”


So, I came home with our biggest fish yet yesterday. A 5 point something kilo Bonito and what a beauty.  Designed like a sports car, glistening steely greys and blues.  Muscular and silky with fins like razors.  This fella is currently served up as a starter  –  ‘Bonito Niçoise’ with all the usual accompaniments; gemContinue reading “CATCH OF THE DAY (CofD)ii”

A Birthday Cake

Last week we played host to a family who came to La Rectoria to celebrate a 40th Birthday….Grandma, Son (Birthday Boy), Wife, Sisters, Other halves, Kids and the dog!  One of the requests was that we make and provide a birthday cake. Now, I came up with the following type and style of cake earlierContinue reading “A Birthday Cake”