So we’ve opened a guest house in the far North East of Spain 80kms from the Costa Brava. You might ask, what can a visitor do?……for a week and with a young family!  That question was answered quite simply by a family from Scotland who during the October half term holiday came and stayed and left with some metaphorical leaves unturned.

Between the 9th and 16th October the house and garden was filled with the sound of kids at play against a backdrop of magnificent autumn sunshine.  Bicycles were hired and duly delivered to the house and excursions made to Les Planes d’Hostoles and a refreshing dip taken in the `Molí dels Murris ‘ pool of  El Riu Cogolls 6kms down the road from us.  On another day a 28km round trip to Olot was made by way of the via verde.  The local bus service was used for a day out in Girona and a walk around the medieval quarter and we provided a taxi service taking them to the to tranquil village Santa Pau and the lush beech forest of La Fageda closeby.  To top it all a day by the seaside and a dip in the sea at Calella de Palafrugell, the last dip in the sea of the year.

We never detected a hint of boredom and if anything most days signed off with bunch of contented, knackered kids and relaxed Mum and Dad.  And no sooner had they arrived than they were gone.  Seen and done it all!  Hell no.  Things on the ‘still to do list’ for future visits,

1. Balloon trip.

2. Numerous other walks.

3. Dali Museum, Figueres.

4. Vic, Banyoles, Besalu, Castellfolit de la Roca………and more.

And with their departure summer went too.  Within a week thermometers dropped some 10 degrees and now autumn is very much with us.  But the bottom line La Garrotxa and its surrounds offer enough and more.  Thank you Ashcrofts and see you again soon.