Yes!  La Rectoria de Sant Miquel de Pineda is open for business.

During the month of October we are offering a 30% discount on room rates.

The website is up….although experiencing some teething difficulties and a full gallery of photo’s will be uploaded once the builders have finally left the site….the car park and garden shed have to be completed and a number of minor things have to be attended to inside.  Otherwise our ‘Old Lady’ is looking something like fantastic and all tarted up!

We opened with something of a bang with the annual Aplec de Sant Miquel taking place the morning after our first guests had sat for a dinner on the previous evening of goat’s cheese souffle, fish cassoulet and poached pears and chocolate sauce with homemade ice cream.

Some 200 neighbours turned up on the Sunday for their annual serving of ‘arros’ (shellfish and pork) ‘mandoguiles i butifarra’ (meatballs and sausages) and ‘flam’ (baked custard) all washed down with wine, cava, ratafia (walnut liqueur) etc.  Suitably fuelled the dancing commenced sedately with the ‘sardana’  followed by a mix of two step, jive, waltza and as evening fell the front of La Rectoria took on the form of a discoteque.

It has been all but easy getting this far, so it was a joy to Goretti and I to let our hair down a bit and lap up the moment.  A brief thanks has to go out to the friends and family who have been so very helpful in the last few weeks and months and to the magnificent team who have helped us get thus far in fullfiling our dream.

So follow us now on Facebook at ‘Friends of La Rectoria de Sant Miquel de Pineda’ and Twitter ‘La Rectoria’.

Even better come and see us and stay for a day or two.