My weekly visit to the site has been postponed until tomorrow.   Persistent heavy rain prevented any kind of activity today including a visit we had planned to Montmelo.  The motor circuit is just down the road from here in Cardedeu and home to the Catalunya Grand Prix.  The plan had been to get there early to join the ‘petrol heads’ watch the ultimate Formula 1 practice day prior to the start of the F1 season later this month.  Personally, I’m no great fan of what I grudgingly consider a sport and the thrill was planned more for our son and to experience first-hand the speed and certainly the noise that permeates across this part of Catalunya whenever a race is on.

Sadly, the bad weather made us think otherwise and consequently we spent part of the day doing some desk research thanks to the wonders of the internet.  Light fittings have been our principle target and we found a superb website, for yes, lights and more.  Meanwhile up at La Rectoria the week’s principle activity has involved feeding cabling to the basement, removing the old plaster from the facade, and the application of the concrete finish to the walls of the ‘Old Economic Kitchen’.  Arguably this room has the most character of any in the house – the old stone hearth which will provide guests with an open fire.  The old wood fired stove with places for four ‘ollas’ (pans).  The large stone sink and the wooden beams that adorn the ceiling.   Here we intend to offer guests possibly a wee dram prior to dinner or alternatively a post dinner digestive whilst they warm their toes by the fireside.

Tomorrow should make for something of a muddy visit but we need to cast a critical eye over the finishes that will soon be applied throughout and the furniture that will accompany them.  And time permitting we’ll be planting both a greengauge and an apple tree next to where we intend the ‘hort’ to be.  Let’s hope the skies clear!