Shades of white

‘There aren’t enough hours in the day’ …..bollocks!   If there were more I can only surmise that I’d be awake for longer and therefore get proportionally less sleep.   As things are right now when we are not working our ‘spare time’ is taken up by La Rectoria.   And now our antennae are more acutely tunedContinue reading “Shades of white”

Pause for thought

Winter has but flirted with Catalunya this year.  Last Sunday we spent a sun splashed day in the garden continuing to cut back the neglected hazel trees which line the edge of the lawn.  In the bright, warm and intense ‘winter sunshine’ I had to strip down to my T-shirt as temperatures touched 20°C.  NotContinue reading “Pause for thought”

A lesson in customer care

Our ‘normal’ Saturday routine….of driving up to the house, pottering around and casting an eye over the previous week’s work was ignored today.  Instead Goretti and I hired a transit van and headed for Barcelona to pick up a guest house quantity of bedding….duvets, pillows, sheets and other bedding paraphernalia.    Again the ‘homework’ had beenContinue reading “A lesson in customer care”