This past week has been cold by any standards and most mornings I have had to scrape ice from the car windows with the thermometer showing -4°c as I drove off to work.  The cold snap had done nothing to improve the somewhat dire situation in the Pyrenees which have been largely bereft of snow since Christmas.  On our drive up to La Rectoria this morning any sight of the mountains was obscured by a typical ‘pea souper’ of a fog that blanketed the valley around Vic and thus much of Osona.  But as we climbed towards Bracons the boira cleared and the hilltops nearby were dusted with a covering of fresh snow.  So although the temperatures might have risen a tad in the last day or two, the mountains at least now have some snow.  And thus it was on our brief visit to the house today, any puddles that had not been touched by the sunlight still bore a thin, crisp layer of ice. 

We had spent the better part of the morning in the company of a gentleman who showed us a couple of swimming pools his company has installed in houses around Olot.  Yes, we are hoping to include a pool in our project for you to have a dip in and cool off during your stay with us.  Nothing too grand but a comfortable sufficiency.  As beneficial as it was seeing pools first hand, the settings in which they were situated proved to be as interesting.  Another piece of homework done we hope to make as decision on this next phase within the next week. 

The significant development at La Rectoria this week has been the opening of the windows at or above the landing on the staircase between the main and first floor.  These six relatively small and seemingly randomly distributed orifices offer a variety of views and glimpses of the chapel, grand pine tree or down the valley in the direction of Sant Feliu.  Thus instead of only climbing to and from your bedroom we hope that you might be encouraged to pause, take in the view and perhaps reflect on what you see and that it might take you somewhere else….for a moment at least; leaving you somewhat recharged.