Pig’s Trotters. Divine!!

Work continues at a healthy pace inside the house.  On the top floor the construction of the divisions has been completed in all five bedrooms and bathrooms, so now you can see the size of each making visualizing the ultimately finished rooms that much easier.  Thus it was yesterday we spent a couple hours withContinue reading “Pig’s Trotters. Divine!!”

Halloween, Tot Sants, Pumpkins and Chestnuts

The night of Halloween is the eve of All Saints or Tot Sants and for this we were holed up in La Rectoria, snuggling around the open fire which had been appropriately augmented with a couple of pumpkin lanterns. We arrived on the afternoon of the day before Halloween to find that the builders had kindly tidied up the partContinue reading “Halloween, Tot Sants, Pumpkins and Chestnuts”