‘Ever wanted to travel to the future?  Well, just behind El Cort Ingles at Maria Cristina in Barcelona you will be confronted by an opaque glass structure.  Walk through the door on a journey akin to ‘Alice through the looking glass’, you enter a dimly lit space filled with screens bearing constantly changing images and tables with touch screen images.  This is the future of the bathroom and toilet as told by Roca, bathroom furniture designers and manufactures to the world.

Ambient music mixed with the sounds of water – running, dripping, cracking.  Images of domestic normality, the young, the old, adolescents, couples, the young and vain, the young and scruffy; stretching to shake off sleep, preparing for bed.  These and other continually changing scenes are played out on a 10 meter wall.  Adjacent walls show images of water – drops and bubbles, flowing or shattering.  A bank of apple computers projects distorted images of the approaching viewer.

Upstairs you are confronted by the more pedestrian display of Roca products; potties, bidès, sinks, shower trays, and baths.  But the designs at times push the perception of what constitutes bathroom furniture.  Soft curves or angular forms.  Sinks that might look more at home in Star Trek and shower heads and baths which verge on the decadent and for those Cleopatra people who spend an inordinate proportion of their lives in the loo.

A wander round the display did help us fix on a few ideas for La Rectoria and we departed leaving the door and returning to Earth, October, 2010.