‘My John Peel moment’

Today will pass most people by and why not.  25th October, so what?  I wouldn’t have remembered the date exactly unless I’d looked it up.  I only remembered it was the month of October.  It was one of those ‘where were you when JKF was shot?’ moments.  Me, I was working in a kitchen inContinue reading “‘My John Peel moment’”

Random musings – finding the way forward

You can almost now hear the clock ticking.  A while back this project seemed somewhat abstract; all mud and rubble, drawings and hard hats, planning applications and minutes of site meetings.  Now with the roof well on the way to being completed, with tiles being fitted and some of the gutters in place, time linesContinue reading “Random musings – finding the way forward”

‘Round the U bend and into the future’

‘Ever wanted to travel to the future?  Well, just behind El Cort Ingles at Maria Cristina in Barcelona you will be confronted by an opaque glass structure.  Walk through the door on a journey akin to ‘Alice through the looking glass’, you enter a dimly lit space filled with screens bearing constantly changing images andContinue reading “‘Round the U bend and into the future’”

La Aplec de Sant Miquel de Pineda 2010

Last week we awoke to a beautifully sunny Sunday October morning.  The sun kissed the fields and woods surrounding Cardedeu as I enjoyed a wee run around the town.  Goretti’s Mum joined us for a cup of coffee followed shortly after by Mar, Scottish John and wee Martin and then it was on the roadContinue reading “La Aplec de Sant Miquel de Pineda 2010”

Indian summer – getting ready for the party!

With what has been a glorious week of weather, the roof has been made water tight, if not yet finished.  On Thursday the final insulation and water proof layer were put in place and on Friday the final compression layer was applied.  Therefore, rain or shine the roof has been sealed and all that remainsContinue reading “Indian summer – getting ready for the party!”