Thoughts on the house have taken something of a U Bend turn this week as our attention has moved to the bathrooms.  Which leads me neatly to writing a wee post script to last week’s piece.  A French motorway service station information board drew my attention to the fact that much of the route we had driven from the Côte d´Azur to the Spanish frontier and beyond followed the route of the Via Domitia, built in 118 B.C. by those organized Romans, linking Italy with Hispania.  However good the food, wine and weather in France, one basic necessity of a civilized society is a descent ‘Kazi’ or ‘John’, and given our straw poll of motorway service stations was evidently lacking……As a Glaswegian friend once informed me, ‘Glasgow will be great once it is finished’.  Likewise, France and it’s motorway loos.

Two years ago when we were preparing for the tendering process we got out our metaphorical spades and got down to work getting together some prices for this and that, including bathroom fittings.  In short we initially went for the ‘cottagey’ old look – wooden toilet seats and victoriana type fittings.  It was all very nice and suited the look of the old place.  It did the job; we got some prices and it gave us a yard stick to measure tenders against.  Recently, those brochures and prices have been unearthed and having awoken from something of a Laura Ashley twee-middle English kind of stupor we’ve come to our senses.

New brochures have been acquired as we have turned to satisfying you the customer.  Waking up in the morning from a good night’s rest we hope to make your short trip to and stay in the bathroom a pleasant if not comfortable one.  As the dividing walls have not yet been constructed, this week we took some chalk and a measure tape and marked out the dimensions of these sacred spaces on the concrete floor of La Rectoria. 

Architect and lifestyle magazines have been poured over and this culminated in a visit to our architects office in Girona this morning.  Over fine coffee and coca (a Catalan pastry) the design and layout of the bathrooms was largely finalized with we hope the odd element of care, comfort and curiosity built in.    Given that the average person will spend 576 days of their life in a bathroom, this period of voluntary incarceration should be quality time.

Moving on swiftly, a quick reckie from the house up the carri bici on Thursday revealed a plentiful abundance of mores  – brambles.  We Brit’s have even made a verb out of this fruit, ‘to bramble’ and thus in less than an hour of frantic ‘brambling’ we collected about 2.5kgs of juicy black berries which have been dually frozen.  Jam and jelly making might be in the offing.