‘From ‘Toad in the Hole’ to Dennis Hopper’.

Is writing a blog good for your health?   A demonstration that most of us do not know how to, or should not be allowed to write for public consumption?  Some collective therapeutic self cleansing exercise? Or, simply a desire to be heard? As we the 7,000,000,001 members of humanity currently bumble about our daily tasksContinue reading “‘From ‘Toad in the Hole’ to Dennis Hopper’.”

School desks

School day memories have come back over the last few days.  Tucked away in the corner of what is our store room in Cardedeu is an old wooden desk of the type we had at Lathallan all of 40 years ago.  At the front is the wooden furrow where pens and pencils rested and sittingContinue reading “School desks”

‘Concrete and steel’

On Friday I was meant to go into Barcelona first thing to meet up with a colleague, but leadened skies and heavy rain put paid to that.  Goretti had an appointment with a serraller (blacksmith) and  Albert our aparellador (surveyor) at La Rectoria to discuss the ‘finishes’ to the periphery  of the windows, arches and doors.Continue reading “‘Concrete and steel’”

‘Temps de Flors’

Our visit to Sant Miquel this week was by way of a detour to the City of Girona.  A forty five minute drive up the AP7 motorway from Cardedeu to Girona, and then about another forty five minutes cross country to our house via Anglès, Amer and Les Planes d’Hostoles. The Catalans must be beginningContinue reading “‘Temps de Flors’”

Had enough of the Costas, come to the Craters.

We can at last allow ourselves a small sigh of relief.  The foundations have all but been completed and much of the initial structural work has been completed downstairs.  So it was this week that the focus of attention moved to the upper floor.  Pragmatism and prudence also played their part as the pest controlContinue reading “Had enough of the Costas, come to the Craters.”