What a difference one week makes.  Ten days ago there was still a distinct winter chill in the air.  Mornings were announced with a hoary frost that blanketed fields on my drive to work and Montseny behind us was capped with snow.   This has all changed and markedly so.  Temperatures have leapt some 10⁰c and the warmth of the sun can now be felt on the back of one’s neck. 

Whereas it might be said that on occasions summer fails to materialize in Scotland, spring in Catalunya tends to be pretty short.  Blossoms come and go and spring flowers as I know them are all but nonexistent.  The most dramatic difference is how rapidly temperatures change and can quickly reach the mid to high 20s.  Thus, the wonder that is spring is compressed into but a few weeks here.  Well, that is my perception anyway.

It was warm up at La Rectoria earlier this afternoon and the change in the air was noticeable.  Spring is all but here, and the signs are evident.  Two lonely daffodils close to the back door, a few primroses to and catkins drooping from the hazel trees.

Mammals have been active as well, particularly those of a burrowing kind.  Whereas our busy builders have been moving soil and rubble from the basement of the house and piling it high in the garden for removal at some future date, somewhat smaller but equally active little creatures have been digging here, there and almost everywhere.  An energetic colony of moles (talp) are leaving their trail of evidence.  Meandering mounds of fresh earth can be found a plenty around the house.  The question has to be asked, do they have ‘Molers’ in Catalunya?

Goretti came home on Thursday with tangible proof of larger beasts.  Looking somewhat like a piece of dried penne pasta she produced a 5cm long wild boar (porc senglar) tooth which one of the builders had found.  I look forward to seeing my first live one….at a safe distance.

Work would appear to be slow and possibly a little unexciting at present.  Look closer and steady progress is being made ensuring all is O.K. regarding the foundations and this will continue until after Easter.   Trenches of concrete are being poured next to and beneath walls as appropriate, reinforced with 1cm bars of steel.  It will be heartening to see the forest of support jacks disappear from the basement once this work is complete.