Calçots and Wild Asparagus

We were introduced to the concept of Catalan communal barbecuing last Sunday. We drove from Cardedeu and met John and Mar near Arbúcies. The rendevous was a wooded site set next to the Riu d’Arbúcies carrying the last of the cold winter waters from Montseny. The cars apart, the site took on the appearance ofContinue reading “Calçots and Wild Asparagus”

Furry friends

What a difference one week makes.  Ten days ago there was still a distinct winter chill in the air.  Mornings were announced with a hoary frost that blanketed fields on my drive to work and Montseny behind us was capped with snow.   This has all changed and markedly so.  Temperatures have leapt some 10⁰c andContinue reading “Furry friends”

The blizzard of 2010 – or not!

This week work on La Rectoria has been at a standstill .   Due not to some national strike in reaction to centrally imposed budget cuts, but instead to approximately half a metre of snow alighting on the roof and the surrounding area.  Yes, La Garrotxa received quite a dumping of snow. Apparently the local villageContinue reading “The blizzard of 2010 – or not!”

Silent witnesses

  Today’s mission was to cut down two trees. Well one and the remaining trunk of another that broke due to the weight of snow on it in December 2008.  The two meter slanting rump had been an apple tree of sorts which bore small coarse bitter inedible apples.  The other tree, standing some fiveContinue reading “Silent witnesses”